Dear Father,

You built the fire that burned a house of ice
Turned words into lovers

In the sheets of your ancestors
Our history is a garden of sun licking glass


Believe the stars when they whisper
How a great man wears hearts

And sets tragedy to music
Even the rats would dance to

A diamond on the mountain of real
And hopes

And always the greatest failures
Because mistakes like that

Beckon treasure – the kind that turn the sea
The kind that make twelve-eight time signatures

What makes our blood speak
And your children

More than strong
Survive by unique

Overcome it all
You trace the eclipse of love with memories

Of the stories you told
And Thank God

Well thank whoever stands in the clouds
For the finger little hands hold

For birthday wishes
And laughter

And impeccable reason
And despicable overwhelming love

Maybe even the talk every Valentines Day
Since I was 12

For what you taught me
For everything I am

For the forever I believe in
Because you did

For believing at all
For something so small that it’s impossible

Not to say,

thank you

And like you notice – everything moves

And like you
Give it tears

Give it all you’ve got
Everything I am

Because of you

Because of what you’re not



It’s at night when I’m leaning towards
The ear
Wish upon whatever star might clarify
The moon’s speech
Because I think she may heed answers
That fathom
What must push regrets between us
And mingle with obsessions I
Cannot yet delete

They are small – like us
Yet dare my body quake
About the times I failed it
Or in other words
Cast in lace with black silk trim
What could fish you out of
Emotional poverty
Or even
Dance with the strings of your
Predator motion
Which I can’t not love and hate
All at once again

Tell me – 

Does it hurt?

All those damaged dreams
Those passive throws of
Amounted lust

Have you lost hope?

For some satisfaction keep
Some draw of breath
Heavy under such sweet glow
Sweaty and fermented like
Life just short of a Big Bang Theory

What’s yours?

I want to tell you even when you never ask
You were mine
You are, love
And I fail our friend, forgetting
I frail at the fore of aspirations
That meet or even barely peak
At destruction
If only to birth someone new
Someone I might become if I could
Let you go

(or dare I confess)
Let you,

Poem: NET / Image Credit: ("garage") J. Spahr-Summers, 2014

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The Fatalist Thirst

We are marked by the hands of our fears
We change from the unmercifully
wasted hush of ambitions
How we leave ourselves
And leave it up to someone else
When the pain begs to seize
When the heart succumbs under the weight
Of our own truths
Of our own uncertainty

Neither was it the horse
Nor the water
Only one left to take the blame
But are you brave enough
To admit
You own your reflections?

Love gives us courage
Even though the only thing
that bites harder than reality
Is time
How it bares its teeth
How it becomes a monster
A thirst that fatally cries in
these veins

Without reason
or apology

Without you


NET, ©2014

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To My Mother

Who once told me I’d search for truth
all my life
Not knowing then what she meant
there were first years
I spent
On watch

And every cell of existing made me
fall in love with its fascination
Every drop of the shift
Between human and condition
I revel in this fortune that I am

Stare into its face
A reflection of her
A revolutionary bent on the pillar
Of her wisdom

Of her sincerity

Poem & Image Credit: NET 2014